Neolithic Architecture:

Pest Control;

Chimney Cleaning;

Log Cabin Building; and

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What is yuppy greed; and what’s a yuppy greed app? › news › fl-xpm-1985-05-12-8501190128-story.htmlYUPPIES RECYCLING ’50S GREED – Sun SentinelYUPPIES RECYCLING ’50S GREED By Erica Jong and Special to the News/Sun-Sentinel South Florida Sun-Sentinel • May 12, 1985 Around the time the ’70s turned ’80s, those of us who had access to the… › ?p=1804‘yuppie greed’ isn’t back – it never left «Continue reading “What is yuppy greed; and what’s a yuppy greed app?”

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