pest plaga peste 害虫; chimney chimenea cheminee 烟囱;

cabins cabanas cabine en rondin 小木屋;

natural natural naturelle 自然的,

neolithic architecture neolitico arquitectura néolithique architecture 新石器时代建筑.

blog blog blog 博客

Jeffersons sloth, megalonyx or (greek) “giant claw” is an extinct genus of ground sloths of the family megalonychidae.

Aside from there deceivingly large cuddly, and playful looks. These critters were native and unique to north America during the pliocene and pleistocene. However, because of not many remains, we don’t know as much as some of the other late pleistocene vertabrates. Like sabretooth tiger or direwolf, who were probably found in areas better suited…

No wonder everyone wanted a woolly mammoth

From 40,000 years ago, as vindicated in numerous caves, the woolly mammoths were one of the most popular subjects of neolithic artists. Its tusks were 15 feet long, and some were as large as 7 tonnes. On top of this, their long, shaggy coats, and famous tusks. Woolly mammoths were able to ward off hungry…

Established during the neolithic period. One of the largest archaeological sites on Crete, is Knossos. What some say is also called Europe’s oldest city.

A ancient Greek capital of the legendary king Minos. Is Knossos, it was the principal center of the Minoan culture. Established during the neolithic age. Is one of the earliest ancient neolithic civilizations of Greece. Its site stands on a knoll. Between two streams, and is located about 5 miles (8 km) below Crete’s northern…

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