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Lithic Technolgies, Neolithic Arch

Lithic technology are skills and techniques used to produce tools from various types of stone.Ideal stone characteristics include: non-crystalline or glassy, which allows for the right cryptocrystalline structure and conchoidal fracturing.Being conchoidal, and cryptocrystalline, is a characteristic sometimes easier to picture in your mind. Think, flint, chert , or jadeite used in projectile points andContinue reading “Lithic Technolgies, Neolithic Arch”

What is Neolithic; and Neolithic Architecture

It is believed ‘neolithic’, (based on Greek νέος néos ‘new’ and λίθος líthos ‘stone’, literally ‘New Stone Age’), started around 10,200 BC in the Middle East, arising from the Natufian culture, when pioneering the use of wild cereals evolved into early farming.Climatic changes, associated with the Younger Dryas (about 10,000 BC) are thought to haveContinue reading “What is Neolithic; and Neolithic Architecture”