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Fascist Architecture

Fascist architecture is an style developed by architects in the early 20th century. The style gained popularity in the late 1920s with the rise of modernism along with the ultranationalism. Although it may resembles styles of ancient Rome. It mostly can be associated with fascist governments in western Europe. The historic 1920’s-40’s design, lacked ostentatiousness,Continue reading “Fascist Architecture”

Ultra Premium Artisan Log Cabin Shell For Sale

Ultra Premium 55×42′ Log Cabin Shell, with post and beam; 9 and 10 foot walls 18-28″ log diameters Buy as is or customize.Already assembled for your viewing and dream pleasure(s).Certified log builder in Lillooet, and Whistler, BC.Located in town above hardware store(s).

Contact: (778) 209-7785