What is Neolithic Architecture

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Neolithic architecture or, new stone age designs. Is the advent of civilizations and design.

Late pleistocene, 14,000 year event; younger dryas, & holocene timeline

Skara brae is a neolithic site in Orkney

Gavrinis is also off the coast. In France

Neolithic architecture refers to the type of architecture that existed during the Neolithic period, also known as the New Stone Age. It existed around 10,000 years ago. During this period, people began transitioning from a nomadic lifestyle to a more settled existence, living in permanent settlements and engaging in agriculture.

Neolithic hut

Danube river

Neolithic architecture is characterized by the construction of megalithic structures, including stone circles, dolmens, and menhirs. These structures were often built for religious, spiritual, and funerary purposes and were constructed through the use of massive stone blocks, sometimes weighing up to tens of tons.

A dolmen or megalith

In addition to megalithic structures, Neolithic architecture also included the construction of mud-brick houses and villages, typically organized around a central area for communal activities. These structures were simple in design with stone, and wood being the primary building materials.

Overall, Neolithic architecture reflects the development of human civilization during the Neolithic period. As people transitioned from hunter-gatherer societies in the late pleistocene, to settled agricultural communities.

Neolithic Anatolia
European Neolithic expansions from 7th to 5th millennium BC

Neolithic Arch on YouTube

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