The Sorcerer is 13000BC cave art. From ‘the sanctuary’ room. At 3 brothers cave, in mid-France

Usually interpreteed as some kind of spirit or master of animals. La Sorcerer est un bon drawing magnifique. Though its chamber. ‘ The sanctuary’ environment may reflect something else.

Henri Breuil drew the horned humanoid torso, and the publication of his drawing became well known 100 years ago. In the 1920s
He asserted that the cave painting represented a shaman or magician. An interpretation which gives the image its name. It is a good idea. Breuil’s image has been commonly interpreted as a shaman performing a ritual to ensure good hunting.

Comments include:

It is evidence of the concept of a horned God
Dating back to Paleolithic times. Even though the horns are less noticeable now. Then some of the other parts. And, when the cave art is photographed.

Mistaken cracks for lines using older style gas lanterns
Though more 10,000 years has past. And, we know from other cave art; and, frescos. Artists used accents in the materials surface. Because it was accented from the flickering fire light.

It seems to be generally agreed, that this picture of the ‘Dancing Sorcerer’, was a cult object of great significance to the community. And, those who used the cave.

The Sorcerer is one of many examples of prehistoric cave art that provide valuable insights into the beliefs, customs, and artistic abilities of our distant ancestors. It is also a testament to the rich cultural heritage of prehistoric people and their connection to the natural world.

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Gizmonderfuntone. (2023, July 25). Cave of the Trois-Frères is a cave in southwestern France famous for its cave paintings from 13,000 years ago. Neolithic Arch.

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