St Michel is a Tumulus in NW France. A part of megalithic structures in the area. Known as Carnac stones.

A megalithic grave mound, exists in Brittany, France. located east of Carnac in Brittany, France. Known as St Michel. It is the largest
grave mound in continental Europe.

Both earth and stone
125 metres or 410 ft long; 50 metres (160 ft) wide; and, 10 metres or 33 ft high. It is a special earth mound with a stone chamber at its center.

Since 1889 classified as a ‘monument historique’
Believed to originate around 4500 to 3500 BC. During the neolithic period. In 1862 researchers found a central vault containing axes, pearls, flint tools and more.

Did you know? Again, in 1900, Zach Le Rouzic excavated the Saint-Michel and found a a second dolmen and fifteen small stone chests.

Today, it is open to the public. The Carnac region is famous for its megaliths. A popular destination. These monuments, with their mysterious origins and purposes, continue to captivate researchers and visitors alike.

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