Reasons why pest control, chimney cleaning, log cabin building, and neolithic architecture are cool

1) They’re damn cool. 3 billion kinds of insects and counting. Combining gives rise to new technology. Fireplaces to steam cars, and the internal combustion engine. Look at any North American ski or mountain bike town. Some of the best homes and families are always in log cabins.

2) Combing 4 unique: “harder to find experience in, than a good janitor” professions. Neolithic architecture, pest control, chimney cleaning and log cabin building will blow your mind.

3) Unreal price structure example.

4) Pest control, chimney cleaning and log cabin building are relative with Covid-19 and emergencies. Think of bacteria from birds, mammals or bugs. It’s how they spread. When they do, a solid, warm house, is essential. You’ll never meet someone stupid in a log cabin. It’s well known round walls bounce enemy radar.

5) #1 reason neolithic architecture, pest control, chimney cleaning and log building are best, is that every North American used to build log cabins; rid pest; and, burn. Centuries before television and the internet, humans talked and told stories on giant bears, lions; mammoths; and buffalo. It was our DNA. Combining 4 already hard to find services, make it easier for women and multi-culturals to adapt. It’s a more controlled, safer, hands on approach to learning something we used to do, as part of initiation, and survival.

It always comes back to being cooler.
When you roll with neolithic architecture, you know your getting the best, and, even a 1% chance at ruling the world.

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