Poem about neolithic architecture, neolithic arch, narch, na

Ancient fables and folklore
A cloak as valuable as wizardry. Sage.
Warm ancient themes.
Half moons.
Stone Masonry and archways.
A round or curved log.
Ancient, indigenous and multi-cultural mythology.
Sun and stars.
Neolithic Arch is an ancestral tradition and celebration of proactive work. building and ecology.
Knowledge of critters, insects and the outdoors. Being warm. Living in style.
In wake of these challenging and chaotic times.
As proactive measures, we have re-branded as the Neolithic Arch.
Neolithic architecture is the common purpose and collective spirit.
It also commemorates icon-ism and our forebears true meaning.
Chaos can create change.
Welcome to your Neolithic Arch.

Extreme weather continues to increase, and life expectancy drop. Neolithic architecture; pest control, chimney cleaning, and log cabin building are relevant.

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