Neolithic Architecture

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Cuevas del Pendejo;

Blackwater Draw;


Bonfire Shelter;

Buttermilk Creek;

Bluefish Caves;

Other; and,


Trisconesyahoo here bout to check some Neolithic Architecture
The majesty and beauty of New Mexico
About as close as you could get, 20miles from Cuevas del Pendejo, before the US military firing range. Outside Orogrande, New Mexico.
New, first of its kind, Clovis arrow type found at Blackwater Draw NM, 1920s-1930s.
100 years of digging discovered 10,000 years of history.
Stratagraphy (layers) at the Blackwater draw neolithic site; Extinct sloths & flat nosed bears skulls found enclosed in black tar.
Mastodon bones
Making clovis tools in Portales, New Mexico
Northern Texas, & Eastern New Mexico neolithic map
Blackwater draw campground
What looks like nothings, is actually 10,000 years of everything
Blackwater draw 10,000 year swamp
Blackwater draw sunset

How to catch rats, and mice? Create a log shell for $20,000?? Rid, ants and other pest. Heat a home safely and efficiently???

While learning a thing or two about neolithic architecture,

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