neolithic architecture neolitico arquitectura néolithique architecture 新石器时代建筑

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What is Neolithic Architecture??

Tell es-Sultan is Jericho. Yeriẖo in hebrew, ʼArīḥā in arab, or ‘fragrant’ in (english)

Natufian culture is known for inventing beer, bread and art depicting a couple having sex

Neolithic Anatolia, is Turkish: Anadolu. Is also known as Asia Minor, the western extent of Asia.

Neolithic Sardinia is pre-Nuragic. One of the most mysteriously enigmatic places on earth.

To many, neolithic Kefalari or Κεφαλάρι was spring, lit, or abundant gushing water

Hisarlik is Turkish for ‘place of fortresses’, and to many the site of ancient Troy

Bonu Ighinu culture or phase, is a 7100 to 6500 year old neolithic culture from the north west of Sardinia

In neolithic Greeces Sesklo culture, the Gorgon masks protruding tongue with boar tusks, puffy cheeks, eyeballs fixed & snakes twisting around her head may have originated

Because of the giant whirlpool in front of it, Lepenski Vir is cyrillic for ‘Lepena Whirlpool’ or Лепенски Вир

Established during the neolithic period. One of the largest archaeological sites on Crete, is Knossos. What some say is also called Europe’s oldest city.

Crete is roughly the shape of Long Island; lies half way between Peloponnes and north Africa; and, with steep mountains, became popular in Neolithic times

Beginning with the spread of farming, neolithic Greece started around 9000 to 8500 years ago.

Gavrinis contains the Gavrinis tomb, a megalith comparable to some in Breton, Ireland and Orkney;

Circular enclosures from the neolithic age are found in central Europe;

The neolithic flint mines at Spiennes Mons is one of the most culturally significant centres of world heritage;

Varna Necropolis has the oldest gold treasures and jewelry in the world dating from 4200 to 4600bc;

Hisarlik is Turkish for ‘place of fortresses’, and to many the site of ancient Troy;

Akrotiri (prehistoric city) was destroyed in the Theran eruption, in the 16th century, and buried and preserved in ash;

Franchthi Cave was used for around 35,000 years, and is one of the thoroughly studied sites from southeast Europe;

Theopetra Cave has the oldest example of a man made structure dated to around 21000bc;

Cyclops Cave (Yioura);

Cuevas del Pendejo;

Blackwater Draw;


Bonfire Shelter & Eagle Cave;

Buttermilk Creek;

Bluefish Caves;


Newgrange ireland;


Dolmens of Japan;

Domen of Menga, Antequera, Spain;

El fin del mundo, Sonora Mexico;

Hong Kong Neolithic Architecture;

Neolithic architecture Skara Brae;

Watson Brake, Louisiana;

Neolithic tar sands, Rancho La Brae;

Abu Hureyra, Syria;

Daub: Obermeilen, and Robenhausen sites; Zurichsee, Bodensee, Wauwilwemoos lakes, Switzerland;

Kimmswick Bone Bed, Jefferson County Missouri;

Kennewick, Washington;

Shoop, East Pennsylvania;

Saltville, Smyth County, Virginia;

Meadowcroft rockshelter or sand stone re-entrant;


Turkeys Neolithic Architecture; and,

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