Neolithic Architecture: What caused all the megaliths, and age neolithic?

Tidal waves, climate change; volcano’s, floods, fire; extinctions; comets, and earth axis shift; the combination, and oh’ the combination it could have been. After a catastrophe 11,700 years ago, the exodus of the european, asiatic, indian, african, indigenous and others; vindicated a massive construction of megalithic structures and growth around the world. Which in turn, intended to preserve health, in the new, challenging, and forced upon post hunter gatherer, neolithic conditions. One of these structures is Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, whose age is determined by archaeologists to be approximately 12,000 years old. It cannot be ruled out that many of the megalithic structures were built by indigenous peoples who were also in dire need of normal living conditions. Though, this issue requires further research. Pest, chimney, cabin building and naturally neolithic architecture is the excellent base for the research of the catastrophe. What went so wrong? How do we deal with extreme weather? And, more recently, how do we extend our life expectancy back, given Covid-19, and the dramatic drug dependency, and suicide rate increases.

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