cabins cabanas cabine en rondin;

Neolithic architecture categories:

-Framed construction, new, add category;

-Adobe, pueblo revival style, mediterranean;

-Log cabins, and piece en piece;

-Passive house, modern building code, new, add category;

-Concrete; and,

-Hybrid construction.

Warning: building is performed by trained, skilled, experienced and certified professionals. Please do not try, without seeking professional guidance, mentorship, or supervision; and, the proper safety equipment.

Cabins for sale
Special visitor
Waking up to build on own
A finished half sil log

Spruce log cabin building (new):

Massive spruce log cabin building
Create account: Log building

A safety note, and oade to sanders

Create a beautiful, livable, safe and secure log structure.
While learning and contributing a thing or two to neolithic architecture.

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    Where do we find out more information on Neolithic Architecture log and log cabin building?