Gobero desert is big. From 10,000 years ago. And, located in the Ténéré desert of Niger

Located in the Sahara desert, Gobero. Is the oldest grave site in the Sahara. It is evidence of humans adaptation to the constantly changing climates and environment in the region. It’s name is from the Tuareg name for the region.

It had a lake.
Gobero lake was 3km in Diameter. And, 3m in depth. Some of the burials had signs of flooding. When it rained a lot, during the green Sahara, and the lake flooded.

University of Chicago, and Paul Sereno led a team of scientists to explore the region in 2000; and again in 2005. It was determined the region had been habituated nearly 5,000 years. From around 9500-5500 years ago. During the green Sahara.
Around 20,000 artifacts, including scrapers, arrowheads, adzes, grinding stones, pots, pot sherds, and other tools/artifacts were found.
August 2008, the university released reports. In 2007/08 expeditions were cancelled by locals.

Human occupation

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