Folsom suffered a massive blow on August 27, 1908. When a rainstorm caused a devastating flood. Killing 18 people and nearly destroying the town.

It did allow ranch hand, and self taught archaeologist, names George McJunkin to locate some sort of a large dead vertebrate in a water gully. And, that later would become known as the Folsom or ‘Dead horse arroyo’ archaeology site.  13km (8miles) west of the village.

Amongst much practical debate, excavations begin. Beginning in 1926, archaeologists from the museum of nature and science, uncovered a large marsh kill site or kill bog, where 32 bison and Folsom projectile points were found.

This site later became a cull in the early history of man. Folsom, (and others) finds, confirmed man had been in the Americas, for far early than previously believed.  

The original Folsom point, still embedded in the matrix between the two bison ribs, can be seen on display at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Where is Folsom, New Mexico?
Folsom is in north eastern, New Mexico.

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