Elkab is an ancient archaeological site located in Egypt, specifically in the region of Upper Egypt near the modern city of Edfu.

The site has revealed evidence of prehistoric human occupation dating back to various periods, making it an important location for understanding the history of human settlement in the region.

Elkab has provided evidence of prehistoric cultures dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. These periods represent early stages of human history when people were primarily engaged in hunting, gathering, and eventually transitioning to agriculture.

Some of the notable findings at Elkab include rock art, petroglyphs, and inscriptions that date back to different prehistoric periods. These engravings and carvings offer insights into the symbolic and artistic expressions of the people who inhabited the area thousands of years ago.

Elkab is also known for its ancient tombs and other archaeological features, which provide valuable information about the cultural and historical developments in the region over time. It is one of several archaeological sites in Egypt that contribute to our understanding of the long and complex history of human civilization in the Nile Valley.


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