chimney chimenea cheminee 烟囱

Neolithic Arch on YouTube

Chimney sweeping video 1741

Here’s how to properly light and maintain fires: tinder, kindling, wood.

Chalcopyrite was the mineral upon which copper & bronze age civilizations were built

A brief history, & methods of metallurgy

Many people claimed to analyze stainless steel first. Here are some of the facts:

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Cyclops Cave (Yioura)

Franchthi Cave was used for around 35,000 years, and is one of the thoroughly studied sites from southeast Europe.

Theopetra Cave has the oldest example of a man made structure dated to around 21000bc

Font-de-Gaume is a well known cave in south west France

Cap Blanc rock shelter is a limestone rock shelter with sculptures, and magdalenian women. It is in the west of France.

About 23km north of Brno lies Kulna cave in the Czech Republic

The neolithic flint mines at Spiennes Mons is one of the most culturally significant centres of world heritage

Franchthi Cave was used for around 35,000 years, and is one of the thoroughly studied sites from southeast Europe.

During the neolithic age, Cissbury ring was a large flint mine in Sussex, England

Lascaux is located some distance from the major concentrations of decorated caves and inhabited sites. In the environment surrounding Eyzies-de-Tayac Sireuil village. With cave drawings estimated to 16 or 17 thousand years.

Altamira cave is in Spain, and very well known.

Grotte Chauvet-point d’arc is Chauvet Cave located in SE France with cave drawings more than 30,000 years ago.

Cave of the Trois-Frères is a cave in southwestern France famous for its cave paintings from 13,000 years ago.

Kapova Cave, known as Shul’gan’tash. A limestone karst cave in the southern Urnal mountains. It’s known for 16,000 year cave drawings.

Neolithic Architecture Masterpiece: Dolmen of Menga, Antequera, Spain

Neolithic Sites: Bonfire Shelter & Eagle Caves

Meadowcroft rockshelter or sand stone re-entrant

Is pendejo cave the oldest known culture in north America?

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Prehistory, Earth timelines & Climate change:

Плейстоценовый парк, or Pleistocene Park. In NE Siberia an attempt to re-create subarctic steppe grasses to help reduce greenhouse gases, climate change & a better more significant world is taking place.

Prehistory covers the time from the middle paleolithic (old stone age) to the beginnings of ancient history.

Earth Timeline: Geological History, and Events

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