Cardium or impressed ware pottery. Originated in the neolithic era. It used the heart shaped shell, corculum cardisa, for impressions and design

Out of the Balkans the spread of agriculture and farming. Into the rest of Europe, had two distinct routes: An initial expansion represented by the impressed and cardium ware tradition. Following the northern mediterranean coastline. And, another expansion. Represented by the LBK (Linearbandkeramik) tradition. Which followed the Danube river into central Europe (link).

Originating in the Mediterranean during the neolithic era. Westernly the Adriatic sea. Its pottery confluenced the Adriatic, to the Atlantic ocean. Some of the first identified pieces of pottery. Were found in Epirus, Corfu, and the modern day western portions of Greece. Around 6300 BC (or 8300 years ago). It was beautiful.

Did you know? Cardium is a members of the cockle family cardiidae.

Another name was impressed ware. Before putting in the kiln. If the potter didn’t have shells. They used nails and combs to indent and make the potterys unique pattern and design.

Cardium, or impressed ware pottery was followed by. Danilo culture, Kakanj culture, Stentinello culture, Neolithic Italy, Neolithic Malta, Neolithic Sardinia, Neolithic France, Neolithic Iberia, La Hoguette culture and more. Check out some more pottery, and neolithic architecture today!

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