Bluefish Caves, Yukon territory

1st intact late pleistocene archaeological localities to be descend in north American arctic circle.
3 sites, in Yukon, 770km NW of Whitehorse.
Caves occupy limestone ridge in Keele ridge/zone of flat topped mountains and plateaus on northern reads of the north Ogilvie mountain ecological zone.

North flowing Bluefish river, 6km west.
It’s 580m above sea level, unlike Old Crow. Its lowland is 80km to the northeast (pics).

Blue Fish Caves Location
Rugged Yukon landscapes
Blue fish cave
A rare earth zone (arctic circle)
Vegetation and 15,000 year layers
Jacques Cinq-Mars outside cave 1
Some of Jacques discoveries 1
Caribou antler with sharp stone markings
A neolithic horses jaw

Bibliography: Burke, A., and J. Cinq-Mars, “Paleoethological Reconstruction and Taphonomy of Equus Lambei from the Bluefish Caves, Yukon Territory, Canada”, Arctic, vol. 51, no. 2, pp. 105–15, 1998

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