Fascist Architecture

Fascist architecture is an style developed by architects in the early 20th century. The style gained popularity in the late 1920s with the rise of modernism along with the ultranationalism. Although it may resembles styles of ancient Rome. It mostly can be associated with fascist governments in western Europe. The historic 1920’s-40’s design, lacked ostentatiousness,Continue reading “Fascist Architecture”

Ultra Premium Artisan Log Cabin Shell For Sale

Ultra Premium 55×42′ Log Cabin Shell, with post and beam; 9 and 10 foot walls 18-28″ log diameters Buy as is or customize.Already assembled for your viewing and dream pleasure(s).Certified log builder in Lillooet, and Whistler, BC.Located in town above hardware store(s).

What is Neolithic Architecture?

Neolithic Architecture began with the advent great building: mud brick houses (and, eventually timber); art of wild animals and humans; agriculture; and, in transformation from the Epipaleolithic period. It refers to structures encompassing housing and shelter from approximately 10,000 to 2,000 BC, or the Neolithic period. Archaeologists believe Natufians may have been the earliest neolithicContinue reading “What is Neolithic Architecture?”


During the first civilization, around 3500 BC, in Mesopotamia, slavery began. Because it occurs under conditions of social stratification. It occured rarley in the hunter-gatherer populations.

Copernicus defeated Aristotle’s view when he showed the earth rotated sun in 1543.

Copernicuses discovery led to around 100 years (or more) of global confusion, lifelessness and null.This is comparable to the computers, the internet and other supposed time saving precedents. Many computers, electronic products and there software cause motion sickness, nausea, and/or headaches and have changed the way we talk. Why do so little talk about it,Continue reading “Copernicus defeated Aristotle’s view when he showed the earth rotated sun in 1543.”

How does your service partner compare to Neolithic Architecture, and what is Six Sigma?

Six sigma originates from statistical models of manufacturing processes. It was introduced in 1986 by an American engineer at Motorola, Bill Smith. Using empiracal and statistical quality management methods. It identifies and removes causes and defects while minimizing variability. When in place, it equates to only 3-4 errors per million attempts. Ask yourself again. HowContinue reading “How does your service partner compare to Neolithic Architecture, and what is Six Sigma?”

King of Clickbait (s): Emmerson Spartz

New Yorker Article most read in 1 day Young adult capitalizes on power of photos versus text and reading. -1st to 5000 friend limit on Facebook;-Capitalize virality and social media ‘super power?’-Budget hawks after 2007 crash-Die hard zionist zen-Right way mega domain dose.comUsing blogs, social media posts for greatest meme/emjoi or emotional reaction.Example:-10 second fromContinue reading “King of Clickbait (s): Emmerson Spartz”


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