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Lithic Technolgies, Neolithic Arch

Lithic technology are skills and techniques used to produce tools from various types of stone.Ideal stone characteristics include: non-crystalline or glassy, which allows for the right cryptocrystalline structure and conchoidal fracturing.Being conchoidal, and cryptocrystalline, is a characteristic sometimes easier to picture in your mind. Think, flint, chert , or jadeite used in projectile points andContinue reading “Lithic Technolgies, Neolithic Arch”

What is Neolithic; and Neolithic Architecture

It is believed ‘neolithic’, (based on Greek νέος néos ‘new’ and λίθος líthos ‘stone’, literally ‘New Stone Age’), started around 10,200 BC in the Middle East, arising from the Natufian culture, when pioneering the use of wild cereals evolved into early farming.Climatic changes, associated with the Younger Dryas (about 10,000 BC) are thought to haveContinue reading “What is Neolithic; and Neolithic Architecture”

Neolithic Architecture: Skara Brae

On the largest island, of Orkneys, in Scotland, are 10 homes, made of earth dammed flagstone.Included are stone hearths, beds, and cupboards. Because of the preservation of earth dammed flagstone, It is still one of Europes most complete Neolithic villages. They even had stone sewers that took water to and from the ocean. Discovery:Causing damageContinue reading “Neolithic Architecture: Skara Brae”

Neolithic site: Watson Brake

Near present-day Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, is the neolithic site Watson Brake. Making it older than stonehenge and some pyramids, it is estimated 3-4 thousand years old. It is the most ancient ‘earth mound complex’ in North America. It is recognized as a hunter-gatherer society, though believed to have also done maize cultivation with an organizationalContinue reading “Neolithic site: Watson Brake”

Neolithic tar sands, in Los Angeles: La Brea

La Brea Tar Pits is an active paleontological research site in urban Los Angeles. Natural asphalt (asphaltum, bitumen, pitch, or tar) was found near Hancock Park. Dating from at least 3500 BC, the tar preserved the bones of trapped Neolithic animals. Bitumen lines, from the crude oil, seep up along the 6th Street Fault fromContinue reading “Neolithic tar sands, in Los Angeles: La Brea”

Neolithic Architectures Viability

During the past 10 years, for the 1st time in 2-3 generations, life expectancy has been dropping. Researching Neolithic Architecture. And, understanding, and being the best, at 3 lively, and, proactive services: pest control, chimney cleaning and log cabin building.Preventively increases a knowledge base that promotes continuous learning and life expectancy. Never settle for 2ndContinue reading “Neolithic Architectures Viability”

Top 5 advantages of log cabins

-Fir, spruce & cedar logs are abundantly sourced nearby. Thereby making more sustainable than almost any other building material. (other see: tee-pees and pit houses);-Grade A (>12”) douglas fir logs, cedar, and spruce have excellent strength to weight ratio, even compared with concrete;-R values are decent, even good with chinking, especially on logs greater thanContinue reading “Top 5 advantages of log cabins”


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