Lithic technologies: if you hit it hard enough, something is bound to happen

Lithic technology involves hitting two stones, or hard objects together, and making tools. All stones are made up of minute crystals that can only be seen with a microscope, know as cryptocrystalline. This and conchoidal fractures make up good lithic technology. Conchoidal fractures are described as smooth, curved breaks from the base stone. Stones that have both of these characteristics allow for flakes that are big and sharp enough for a variety of tools to be made.

Concepts and musings of a anthropological kind

Common types of stone for lithic tools included:
▪ Agate
▪ Basalt
▪ Chalcedony
▪ Chert
▪ Diorite
▪ Flint
▪ Greenstone
▪ Jadeite
▪ Jasper
▪ Obsidian
▪ Onyx
▪ Quartz
▪ Quartzite
▪ Sandstone
▪ Schist
▪ Silcrete, and
▪ Unknown

Given correct stone characteristics, a hard surface; and hammer stone. The mason, (or flintknapper), is able to test his ‘lithic technology’ skills and ability. How hard would you try searching for, and smashing rocks?

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Kennewick man skeleton and Beringia theory

In 1996, two college students in Kennewick, Washington, stumbled on 9400 year old human bones, eroding out of the banks of the Columbia river. Denmark scientists were able to extract DNA from the skeleton. They found it was more common to “native North Americans”, than any of the other populations worldwide.

Kennewick, Washington, Columbia River, skeleton 1996

Beringia theory purposed people migrated from Siberia to Alaska across land bridge that spawned the currently Bering straight. It is believed they did so tracking large animals and game heards.

How did we get here? Is it beringia theory, big flood, combinations, or??

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Characteristics of a loser: neolithic architecture

Someone who does not trust, love, and respect others. Sound ironic? Here are some common and easy to know characteristics:

1) Criticizing and judging others: Reflecting self worth entails that, to love others, you must first love yourself. Is it personals problem? Are you having personal problems? Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t damage others;

2) Negativity: whoever is happy will make others happy. There’s always something positive, don’t hold onto anger;

3) Sense of entitlement(s): lack of appreciation, and acting like you deserve it, are limited and petty. Don’t expect things from people. Be thankful;

4) Anger: If held onto longer than a circumstance requires, anger can be synonymous to brain and memory problems. Avoid being negative. If need be, avoid the situation; and,

5) Not accepting responsibly: there’s almost always challenges to deal with. It’s our responsibility to try and deal with them. Try not to criticize yourself.

Don’t be a loser!

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Local Squirrels

More common squirrels around us, are the douglas or red squirrels, though there are larger sized black/grey and flying ones. In most areas were introduced.
-Douglas or red squirrels are smaller red/brown squirrels you see running around the forest;
-Can start breeding as early as Feb but it is doubtful if it stays cold;
-Territory can be as large as 10,000 square meters;
-Predators include trappers, martens and cats; and
-They have litters of around 4 offspring.

Catching and releasing douglas squirrels 1218

How to set kill squirrel trap

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