2020 Name List

Dust Whiskers, Name Lists 2020
BC Canada

Crooks Stiglers
Takes up more space than He should
Eats too much
Drinks too much
Thinks too much
Stinks too much

Bimmy Jinsa
invested in tech early

Tomas Hooferhaf
german bike racer that mid 2000s noted attachment to devices, less formal and face to face communication
and little corresponding results

CD Discar
Talks in cd rom drive ups and ins
Like pussy and dick
Sliding discs in and out
Click click
Click click
Keeps happening but zero action

Gayzar Replicator
Nice new car, toys, house, girl
Does everything

gets high on exercise
has construction business

Stellar Family 2
Considered Windar or Dar
Of East Indian origin

Wanda and Luke (Lu) Stellar
People living in flat roof pods, driving Tacomas, with no one, or worry, to take care of there shit anymore

Manolo Diaz
Prison reprobate

Gizmonder Funtone
Lost in translation

Sheppard Garbunk

Sheppard Garbuntz

Manmech mechie

Calaver Vernon
Major style and persona

Crustos Pizzalai
Aka Crustasteos; Crustoli’s
Eat pizza and &?”.

Oops Vet Gon Boot
Has dogs

Rizzy Reno
Keeps renovating
Ignoring all else

Slowiz Moto
Obsessed with going slow, and to increase affects of mn

Varnicle Warnhamps


Shelia Tyson
Always talking.
An ear biter

Rohommad O Listener

Canman Dot

M Code Talkatone
Trying and hoping to enjoy reproduction aspects of his/her endeavours

Trucksar Envino

Carsam Hootsick

Titts McKee
Tits is lacking, missing, not seeing something

Child Hinteronus
Keeps trying. Wont take hint

Bambi Lostincee
Always misplacing something.
Could never focus on right thing

Bambam McPherson
Leader, enjoys being pampered

Stater Quiznos
Always up with the up. City folk.
Doesnt care for country, or locals much

Yip Looksore
slower, shorter and fatter
damaged goods

Paranta Livinadreame
So proud of there children!

Dickie McShort
Short sighted

Terinder Trusst
Lives and does everything on own because…

Agurta Nowomena
Eats yogurt
Not good looking

Carrotsticks Twinger
Eats healthy
obsessed with diet and no one else

Weatherarie Erroneous
Weatherarie, brother Motionons moved away a long time ago. To a strange land. With terrible weather.
Then one day it changed.
Still trying to figure it out.

Motionon Erroneous
Fast moving objects, 1st person shooters; video games; blue and big screens make; and lots of electronic use make Motionon sick

Trender Apartment
boyfriend pays strata fees

Gami Injuronous
Thinks big, is talented more than 90 something percent.
Yet has some serious skeletal and bone injuries since young teen
Always gets toyed with. For reason not known, or no interest in knowing, he she is constantly treated like child.
Is politically correct, logical and thinks progressive
Goes through almost twice what anyone else has yet people and a system keep letting others $#& with him
Not sure how much longer she can take the charity work, or goodwill
What happens when, what, if he leaves the system, and why should he stay

Costa Subscription
Pays attention to others.
Wisely spends money.
Doesnt waste time or on useless things

Jeremy Jokinanar aka JJ
Always late, and woosing out, because he works and tries too hard. But at the wrong things.
Somehow his drive is messing him up. He/She has a skewed logic and/or allowance system
Doesnt know costs, hard work and ethics versus whats trivial and caught up in a dis, and loosing game.

Is decent at acting or faking out if necessary but he/she is so caught up in with spiderwebs.
Not worth mentioning.

Chowey Mctrowel
With money saved from stealing tools, he could afford a nicer vehicle and home

Dicka Mckidd
Full grown adult, someone talented and educated but maturity of a 15 year old

Chowey Mctrowel
With money saved from stealing tools he could almost afford a nicer car and home

Tontobe Winternet
Spends much time online, with computers and electrical devices.
In a cage.

Circlelee Rounder
Well rounded folk, multiple angles and dimensions but look around, many others spun out

Quigin Enretire
Does and thinks way too much
Caught up in a game. He’s not winning.
Good folk, satisfactory plenty of time.

Okid Statizdic
A Him and her
Does whatever whenever. Invisible!
Deep critical thinker but given surroundings not good

Spongy McFutz
Observes well.
Takes whatever in and decides intelligently. Using a knowledable, loving; and, freedom and strength oriented intellect .

Vern Vestigate

Cousins w Jerry Justice
Very Good at slacking off
Focused on confidence assesments, truth, fpo/lli matrixes, and winning back public trust.

Deekerdeep Dominoe
Likes jazz music

Buttahare Rosehips

Rosehare Butterhips
Manages calls/emails/orders/book keeps 4 to 5 contractors
Day trades
Plays online bingo

Marshall Loopitor
Walleye and Masitons 3rd little brother
Slow so it takes 3 brothers to do a persons job

Pinsie Clinshoe
Doesn’t know up from down
Where’s similar clothes

Trendy Uplifter
Always on the go go go but
Easy to upset


Butt Sheen
A55 mother$@@&er

Oldie Bygone

Little green men

Mashiton Loopitor
Walleyes brother

Walleye Loopitor
Fishing type
Stuck in a loop

Jerker Mcmunchie
Eats fast food a lot
‘His truck was always out front Mac Donald’s

Bot commander
Listen to
Get superfluous never ending pieces of data
Has lotsa currency, bit coin block chains and such
Nothing to do with it

Kooldat Codemeister
Robotic type
Smooth but also does so electronically with digitalisms and instrumentationalisms

Sinsilly stare
Always looking at things, never trying, doing or supporting things she looks at
Possibly disabled or mentally inept

Billy chastise
Pessimist outlook

Glenda Grocery
Shops really effectively
and fast

Socializ Greer
Keeps a little bit too much for self, family
Gives little care
Ill looking people

Dreery stare

Masatist Mastley
Gnarly gnar gnarly

Browbeat Erudite

Bcid A Hector
Top athlete
Not stupid
Doesn’t like to be micromanaged
Doesn’t like cheap shots, making fun or anything not functioning or tasting correctly

Sandy Bobcock

Isbits canupleron
Questioning everything
A thinker
Hard worker
Creator, creative but no idea what it takes nor an idea how to get there

Hoot hoot quack quack
Gives a crap

Kilonic Norberg
Expression no

Drew Begsmenot
Best at everything
real life
Drew was champion of post bigotry.

2020 Never had more choices and yet, never been less involved in choosing own destiny, choosing own path because we let others do it for us