Neolithic Site: El Fin del Mundo (‘End of the Earth), Sonora, Mexico

University of Arizona researchers preciously found El Fin del Mundo (‘End of the Earth’) not that long ago, in 2007. Yet it is recognized for a huge amount of reasons. It is the first discovery of humans and gomphotheres in North America. The radiocarbon dating also makes it, along with ‘Aubrey site’, in north Texas, the oldest Clovis site in North America.

Gomphotheres were previously undiscovered in North America

El fin del mundo allows us to consider various topics, such as:
-environmental change;
-paleoindian subsistence and regional interaction;
-the role that humans may have played in the extinction of Pleistocene, and Pleistocene fauna; and,
-how early ancestors adapted to the region, and went beyond with the use of lithic raw material to manufacture different types of points.

Top 5 advantages of log cabins

-Fir, spruce, pine & cedar logs are abundantly sourced nearby;
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-On average takes and costs less time offering valuable savings; and,
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Its tough to beat log cabin building 1157

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Abu Hureyra, Syria + archaeological evidence for domestication

In 1963, despite the fact the project would eventually flood dozens of modern villages and ancient sites. The government of Syrian Arab Republic, decided to create dams on upper Euphrates river. Culminating a series of excavation and archaeological rescue operations. Among them, an extraordinary neolithic site discovered Abu Hureyra.
In a short span of less than 35 years. They gathered more information about the human beings transition to agriculture, pottery and domestication of animals. More then anywhere previously; and with more details. Using + setting the standard for new techniques, and with less time.

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