Top 5 advantages of log cabins

-Fir, spruce & cedar logs are abundantly sourced nearby. Thereby making more sustainable than almost any other building material. (other see: tee-pees and pit houses);
-Grade A (>12”) douglas fir logs, cedar, and spruce have excellent strength to weight ratio, even compared with concrete;
-R values are decent, even good with chinking, especially on logs greater than 16 or 18”;
-Ultra premium (18” or greater), stained logs, take large flames with ease (fire needs to be directly next to, or, coincide quite some time); and,
-Log cabin building is an excellent team building exercise, and workout. That minimizes expenses and builds your skills!!

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Abu Hureyra, Syria + archaeological evidence for domestication

In 1963, despite fact project would eventually flood dozens of modern villages and ancient sites. The government of Syrian Arab Republic, decided to create dams on upper Euphrates river. Culminating a series of excavation and archaeological rescue operations. Among them, an extraordinary neolithic site. Abu Hureyra.
In a short span of less than 35 years. They gathered more information about the human being transition to agriculture, then anywhere previously; with more details. Using + setting the standard for new techniques, and with less time.

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