Meadowcroft rockshelter or sand stone re-entrant

MCRS(or SSRE) could be one of the longest occupational sequences in North America, dating to around 15,000 bc. It is in Washington county, Pennsylviania. It was discovered in 1955 by landman/farmer Albert Miller. He immediately contacted the university (university of Pittsburgh), and in 1970 236 sites were excavated.

It is located “High and Dry,” 15m above stream from Cross Creek, a tributary of the Ohio river. *Geological terms are “Sandstone Re-entrant,” or rock shelter (common English). These are overhangs of erosion resistant rock, with further underlays of less resistant presently eroded rock.

Over 20,000 artifacts were uncovered (predominantly flaked stone). Including 2 million animals or plants from 140 identifiable species.

MCRS or SSRe-nt
“Old Fashioned” rabbit roast
Excavation Map
Stratigraphic Profile
Basket Rim or Wall fabrics
Millar Complex Lithic Technologies *also Texas, Virginia and Maryland
Present day location

Agent Smith to Chained up Morpheus The Matrix 1:32:03 to 1:33:31

Agent Smith to Chained up Morpheus The Matrix
“The first matrix was designed to be a perfect human world, where non suffered, where everyone would be happy.
There was a disaster, no one would accept the program, and entire crops were lost.
Some believed that we lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world but I believe, that as a species, human beings define there reality through misery and suffering.
(Chained up Morpheus gets injected with silver liquid)
In a perfect world, the dream is, that is your primitive cerebrum, kept trying to wake up from.
Which is why the matrix was redesigned to this. The peak of your civilization. When I say your civilization because soon as we started thinking for you, it really became our civilization which is, of course what this is all about.
Evolution Morpheus, evolution, Like the dinosaur.
Look out that window, you’ve had your time. The future is our world
Morpheus, the future is. Our time.”

Door opens, another agent appears.
“There could be a problem.”