24/7/365 Skills Copy

140 cubic feet firewood bundles.

Dry fir. Tarped over trailer.

$120 Delivered and Stacked. Small vehicle delivery. Local.

Lighting service and dry kindling available.

More Skills:

-Chimney Cleaning, WETT Certification, Fireplace and dryer vents checks;

-Home pressurization, ventilation and code inspection.;

-Log and Stone Building. Home packages;

-Rat, Squirrel; Rodent;,Bug; Bat, Bird, Snake, Bear, Raccoon Wildlife and Pest Control;

-Tree and branch removal;

-Model rockets and help with children.

-Bike, Ski racing; Tennis, Golf; and, competitive sport;;

-University and College Educated;

15 years experience

Trade for: size large or x-large ritchey logic square taper bicycle frame, artwork, gold or silver.

Neolithic Arch

Tristan Galbraith 778 508-7785