MCRS(or SSRE) could be one of the longest occupational sequences in North America, dating to around 15,000 bc. It is in Washington county, Pennsylviania. It was discovered in 1955 by landman/farmer Albert Miller. He immediately contacted the university (university of Pittsburgh), and in 1970 236 sites were excavated.

It is located “High and Dry,” 15m above stream from Cross Creek, a tributary of the Ohio river. *Geological terms are “Sandstone Re-entrant,” or rock shelter (common English). These are overhangs of erosion resistant rock, with further underlays of less resistant presently eroded rock.

Over 20,000 artifacts were uncovered (predominantly flaked stone). Including 2 million animals or plants from 140 identifiable species.

MCRS or SSRe-nt
“Old Fashioned” rabbit roast
Excavation Map
Stratigraphic Profile
Basket Rim or Wall fabrics
Millar Complex Lithic Technologies *also Texas, Virginia and Maryland
Present day location