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Type of pest?
How many, are there different areas? how many different pest, and which and how many different areas?
Did you try beach, raid; rat mouse traps/peanut butter, or something unique?

For bugs there are permetherins we use treat the Exterior of your home crack and crevice, or house hold raid, bleach, or diamaceous earth, rat mouse or live traps for inside. (Information on permethrin, health Canada, Usad, Mexico, Europe, SA)

Chimney inspection repair and cleaning?
Type of chimney, brick or metal?
Is it a wood stove or built into the wall?
Are there and bends or offsets, does it go through wall; ceiling; wall and ceiling?
Do you have pictures? Who built the house or put in the wood system?

Is there a repair: chimney cap, crack or glazing issue?
Do you want to buy a wood stove, and/or want one put in?

Log Cabin Building
Is it a repair or resealing?
Is it a add on, new build? What kind: Log Cabin Shell, half shell, feature?
Trusses or roof package?
Furniture: Picnic table, bench chair?

How complicated could you get? There is nothing we cant do. Challenge us at ANYTHING.
-In your home, do you have a waterfall feature, and your cats are scaring the goldfish inside it, causing them to splash a leak that attracts both mice, and ants. Were the cats taunted outside by raccoons?
-Are there wasp in your horse’s stable, and, are they are getting stung. Making them agitated, along with the bats, who roost until evenings lakeside insect buffet, coming back in lesser numbers. Are the lesser bats, due to the wasp, horse agitation, or an unknown virus?
-For keeping your house, tools and clothing warm, maybe you just need a good fireplace, that’s clean, has a hot water jacket attachment, and is fuelled by a custom 16” sized fir pellet logs. Did you know we are licensed, to make you, your own custom wood stove?
-Are there plans for an octagon log cabin gazebo with 30 inch logs, mud ceilings and a mushroom shake roof? Are you getting pressurized inappropriately?
If your reading this, hopefully, your no longer questioning what to do.

Millenniums of years experience
Neolithic Arch
Certified in Pest Control, Chimney Cleaning and Log Cabin building.