-Take over here, will you, Jimmy?
-Come on, Jimmy!
I’m dying of thirst.
I’m dying of thirst.
Please stop mumbling.
Jimmy, what do you hicks do
around here for kicks?
What time is it?
Hey, what do you do around here?
Anything ever happen?
-Oh yes.
-Like what?
-Roses grow.
-Oh, roses grow.
-People get married.
Crazy as any place else.
Bugs get on them,
Cause trouble sometimes…
-…that is, if you don’t spray good.
-There’s no bugs on you, Jim?
I mind my own business
That’s the way to be, Jim.
I listen to the radio. Music, that is.
News is no good, excites people.
-Hey Jim, what about TV? You like TV?
New thing, Jim, Television
-Oh, pictures.
No, no pictures
Everything these days is pictures
Pictures, and a lot of noise
Nobody even knows how to talk
They just grunt at each other.