Much like the horseless carriage, or automobile (1900); earth being round (1400s), and earth rotating the sun (1543). A Faustian, or “ghost rider” compact is being imposed on us. Machines, computers, and robots are taking away from communications. Practicing flagrant contempt, these technologies utilize psychology, psychiatry (1860s); and, surveillance capitalism (2010s), as vehicles to corrupt human rights. Allowing ridiculous involuntary commitment, habeas corpus, eminent domain, and more, laws to be enforced. Over the top machine, computer and robot folly take away from our natural, timely communication methods, and intuitional advantages. That were imposed thousands of years earlier. Further, unproven psychology, psychiatry and surveillance capitalism are like a horse and carriage directed by backseat driver. It took us nearly 20,000 years to discover automobiles and common properties of earth. Modern conveniences, need to look better at history. Take a back seat to the ’N.Arch.