#1: According to web databases, everyday, more than 50 percent of internet visits include 2 things. Searching for something, and porn. Do you really want to associate yourself with these people? Porn pedos, and people that need help with something. Because they cant figure it out on own, with a close friend or have deeper psychological issues. Clown, compadre, pet chimpanzee, robot or strange whatever. Print out your 4-5-6+ list and start making genuine contacts.
#2: During an time of crisis, these people will never be left alone. Imagine looking for guns, ammo, or radar; home heating; food growing supplies or animal traps. Make more honest contacts. Nuff said.
#3 More often than not, these 4-5-6+ people are the most truthful, godly, down to earth and aware. They get to you with less call/email hassle, and quicker. As well, have a higher service quality, charge less, and are more trustworthy.
Especially things Neolithic, the next time your looking for anything. You don’t need a clown compadre, pet chimpanzee, robot or strange whatever. We’d suggest you go down 4-5-6+, and find something more sincere.