Stereotypes on Canadians: Slow, friendly, misinterpreted
McGee, Brown, Kennedy, Nixon, Wallace, Harper, other shootings;
-1968 on;
-2001 terrorist attacks; and,
-School and shootings/attacks on public.

Legal System:
1) Habeas Corpus, is just cause for holding prisoner, is it just cause for dismissing confidence in legal system? Example:
Now progressed so far as Bill of rights, statures, and constitutions, disregarded anytime necessary – as matter of national security. Government uses it as excuse to start/stop investigations into illegal activity by agencies.
Objecting against border guard, Security was breached so now its just cause to induce abusive behaviour.

2) Eminent domain laws (Kelo vs New London)
“General Public Purpose.” Used to be only on military bases, roads.
Changed to ‘blight aesthetic’ reasons.

Traditional values: friendliness, freedom and liberty
Switched to secrecy and tyranny path

Yet no fundamental of human action that breed crime changed.
1) Permissiveness in home
2) Bad influences and little discipline at public schools
3) Exposure to increasing corrupt morals in television and movies
4) Judges and leaders who refuse to apply effective deterrents through the judicial system
5) Use of drugs and alcohol that lead to criminal behaviour to pay for these vices
6) Gangs that prey on people as a matter of challenge and habit
Numbers always related to someone at the top looking good (or making someone look bad), and covering up.

“Strategic Threats in Coming Decades.” War, Invasion and terrorism:
-Terror threat created and manipulated by western leaders, to justify intervention;
-Eventually justifies attack;
-Anglo leaders emerge and convince to yield sovereignty;
-They win; and,
-Usual persecution of dissentient and crisis commiserating with systematic loss of individual and nation rights.

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