What is Neolithic Architecture?

Neolithic Architecture began with the advent great building: mud brick houses (and, eventually timber); art of wild animals and humans; agriculture; and, in transformation from the Epipaleolithic period. It refers to structures encompassing housing and shelter from approximately 10,000 to 2,000 BC, or the Neolithic period. Archaeologists believe Natufians may have been the earliest neolithic builders, and longest continuously inhabited in the world. Around the eastern Mediterranean, Israel and perhaps the Jerichco region.
Neolithic cultures appeared there, in the Levant, and spread with building design and agriculture into the east and west, and north. Neolithic societies appeared in southeast Europe by 6,500 BC, and central Europe by 5,500 BC.
More than 4020 years later, award winning, ex professional athlete, artist, and entrepreneur developed: Pest Control, Chimney Cleaning and Log Cabin building. Or the Neolithic Arch.
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